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Fall SYC 2023 Registration

PART 1: General Information

PART 2: Medical Information

Please download this waiver, fill it out and return via email or hardcopy!

PART 3: Conduct

  • Cheerleaders & Parents to always show respect for the program, yourself, coaches, instructors, teachers, parents, other cheerleaders, spectators, teammates, and others

  • No Inappropriate behavior (such as: foul language, talking back, tantrums, not listening, being disrespectful)

  • No Gum or Jewelry

  • Report any injury or illness immediately to the coach

  • HAVE FUN!!!!



  • Come Prepared: water bottle, uniform, early

  • Focus on the game and promote spirit among the crowd and cheer the whole game

  • Be sensitive to the Football Team (kneel when a player is hurt)

  • Disagreements or conflicts need to be discussed after the game.



  • Be on time to practices ready to begin in practice attire and hair pulled back.

  • Work hard, pay attention and be respectful 


Course of Action with will be at the discretion of the coach and could include Sitting Out or Dismissal from the Program for serious offense.


Program Guidelines Acknowledgement

I have read and will abide by the Sunset Youth Cheer

Program Guidelines for 2023. 

PART 4 Tumbling

SYC will be offering an optional tumbling practice at Oregon Dream Teams for those athletes looking to further their skills. We will be working on customizing the class once we know the interest level. Please click here if you plan to opt into the tumbling classes (cost is $50/month and will start after camp in August).


PART 5 Uniforms Information

All uniform ordering will be done at our fitting night on May 24th. 

New athletes should expect the price to be around $250

Returning athletes (if everything fits still) should expect to spend around $50

We will open up our fitting night 30 minutes early if families want to come and try to sell or buy used items at 50%. You will receive an email with more information about uniforms after registration!

Thanks for submitting!

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