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All registrations are final, no refunds are given, no late registrations are accepted. Thank you for your understanding.

We are so excited for our 2024 sideline season!! The volunteer board learned so much last year and we are making a few program updates for the next season with the goal of simplification and a positive change. 


Team Breakdown

Athletes K-8 are welcome to join our program. We will determine what the team breakdown will look like after registration is closed and we know how many adult coaches we will have.


Our season runs mid August through end of October with potential playoff games in early November for grades 5-8. Practice space and time is still being solidified but you can expect to have 1 practice a week 1 to 1.5 hours long, an optional tumbling practice and an SYF game to cheer for on Saturdays. We will have practice schedule finalized by the beginning of the summer and our game schedule will come out as soon as football makes theirs (usually the very end of August).


We aim to have 2-3 adult coaches per team with cheer experience to lead our teams this year. If you are interested, please reach out.  High School mentors will be around as much as they are able.



To streamline payment, we are adding items previously paid separately into the registration cost this year. Registration is $275 for the season which will include: a 3 day camp, 2 t-shirts, 1 tank, 2 pairs of practice shorts, a fleece lined water proof jacket and a bow. If you need new poms, there will be an additional $25 charge. If you need to purchase all new uniform items, you can expect that total will be about $200.


We never want cost to be an hinderance for families wanting to be involved, please email if you are seeking financial assistance.


Camp this summer will be run by the National Cheerleaders Association. Middle Schoolers will have the opportunity to attend an overnight camp at OSU Aug 4-7 for $500. The whole SYC program will participate in a 3 day day camp in Cedar Mill Aug 12-14 (the cost is included in your registration). 


Tumbling class will continue to be offered as it currently is- 4 time slots for a 1 hour optional class per week. It will be $100 for September & October classes. Time slots are still being confirmed with ODT. Information will be sent out about this after registration closes.


We will continue to keep the same uniform from last year from Varsity Spirit (Shell, Skirt, Long Sleeve Liner, Briefs) We will also be using the same poms (if you wish to purchase a new set or if you are new to the program, this will be a $25 add during registration- we will order them for you.)

As part of your registration cost, we will be bulk ordering camp/practice shirts & shorts, a bow and a fleece lined, waterproof jacket (to replace the rain shell & warm up jacket).  On your own we would ask that you would purchase: white cheer shoes, black leggings, a bag/backpack to keep all cheer items in. Links are all provided on our uniform page. There will be a SYC hosted swap evening in May for you to exchange sizes with each other, we will provide a price sheet and you exchange payment parent to parent. See our uniform page for more details.

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